fao logo neu 200Rome. - FAO hosts the 2nd International Symposium on Agroecology in Rome from 3-5 April. The Symposium brings together 400 policy-makers, agroecology practitioners, academics, and representatives from government, civil society, the private sector and UN agencies to discuss policies and actions to support scaling up agroecology. 

Agroecology is key to transforming food and agricultural systems and is gaining greater interest worldwide. It applies ecological and social concepts and principles to agricultural production systems, focusing on the interactions between plants, animals, humans and the environment. It is an important approach to foster sustainable agricultural development to ensure food security and nutrition for all, now and in the future.

Successful agroecology practices can be found around the globe, delivering viable and locally adapted solutions to global challenges.

The symposium will focus on identifying needs, challenges and opportunities to promote agroecology policies, practices and investments. On the final day, an initiative led by FAO to bring agroecology to scale will be discussed and launched followed by a High-Level Ministerial closing.

Source: www.fao.org 

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