oxfamDubai. - On the term “abatement” appearing in the final text regarding the phase out of fossil fuels, Oxfam International’s Climate Change Policy Lead Nafkote Dabi said: “Abatement linked to fossil fuel phase out is a gift served on a silver platter to the fossil fuel industry they will gladly seize to dodge any commitments. It is a dangerous trick that will have catastrophic impacts on communities who are already in a vulnerable position due to climate breakdown.  

“The fossil fuel sector will interpret abatement as a ‘free pass’ to continue extracting and selling oil, coal and gas. This will risk more land grabs in the Global South and lost opportunities for low-income countries, while allowing rich countries to continue to justify their extraction of other countries’ natural resources There must be a peak and decline in emissions by 2030 abatement only opens the door to a myriad of risks and must not happen without a phase out wholly based on science.

“Anything other than a full, fair, funded and feminist phase out of fossil fuels will kill this COP’s goal of keeping 1.5°C in sight. Not millions, not billions, but trillions of dollars in new money is needed to make a livable future a reality, and the richest countries that are largely responsible for the climate crisis must agree to provide the finance needed.” 

Source: Oxfam International

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