kb cartoonKlaus A. Boldt, M.A.

Journalist, Internet publisher & Online editor, currently based in Berlin/Germany. Dedicated to journalism in the field of International Development since nearly 30 years, he founded "Entwicklungspolitik Online", the leading independent Development Internet Portal in German language, in 1995 (1996 @epo.de). At present, he is running "boldt publishing" and working as online editor and webmaster of several websites dealing with international politics, development and environment. (Cartoon by Suresh Sawant, The Times of India ;- thanks, Suresh!)


Name: Klaus A. Boldt
Occupation: Journalist / Online Editor & Internet Consultant
Address: Rathenower Str. 31, D-10559 Berlin, Germany
Phone/Fax: +49-30 4058 5087
E-Mail: boldt(at)epo.de
Homepage: boldt.de | boldtpublishing.com | epo.de | epojobs.de |
Date of Birth: September 22, 1955
Place of Birth: Tuttlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Education: Master of Arts (Political Science and History, 1982), University of Freiburg
Status: married, 2 children in law

Curriculum Vitae

Managing Director, Online Editor & Publisher

boldt publishing
Berlin, Germany
Editor in Chief & Publisher
"Entwicklungspolitik Online" (www.epo.de)
Research trips, i.a. to West Africa, East and Southern Africa, South East Europe (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Serbia & Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece).

Managing Director - Internet / Multimedia

NMP NeueMedien Produktion GmbH & Co. KG
Bonn, Germany
Research trips, i.a. to Tunisia, Ethiopia, Thailand (1999)


(Development Journalism, Internet Consulting & Publishing)
Laufenburg, Germany
(since that time working on www.epo.de)
Research trips to several developing countries, inter alia Brazil, Ghana (1996)


"Third World and Development" department
epd News Agency
Frankfurt, Germany
Covering UNCED, Rio de Janeiro (1992), UNCPD, Kairo (1994)
Several research trips to developing countries, inter alia Guinee (Evaluation of a World Bank rainforest project 1992), Brazil (Rio & Amazon Region, 1992)


Focus: Development, Environment, International Relations, NGO's
Regional Focus: Africa, South East Asia, Brazil
Working with: Frankfurter Rundschau, ARD Radio Stations (WDR, SWR, HR, NDR, SDR, SR, etc.) epd, several other Newspapers and Magazines;
based in Frankfurt, Germany
Research trips to i.a. Philippines, Benin, Ivory Coast, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, Borneo.


epd-Entwicklungspolitik (epd News Agency, Development Policy Branch), now "welt-sichten", run by the protestant church in Germany

Volunteer, Editor

"SÜDKURIER" Daily Newspaper
Konstanz, Germany

Student (Political Sciences & Modern History)

University of Freiburg, Germany
Focus on International Politics; Research on Developing Countries and International Relations
Diploma thesis on "The U.S. Relations to Latin America During the Nixon Adminstration".


German, English, Spanish (un poco), French (un peu), Alemannisch (language of a German tribe, spoken until today)

Worked with News Agency, Newspapers, Magazines, Radio Broadcasting, Online Services, Online Media
Main interests: International development and environment, IT for development (ICT4D) and - first of all - the people.

Journalism Training:
On-the-job and off-the-job training of journalists from Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America in Co-operation with InWEnt - International Institute for Journalism, now GIZ (Berlin) and Inter Press Service (Bonn)

Project Management:
Some experience in ZOPP, Project Cycle Management, Change Management, professional in handling tools like PHProjekt

ICT Skills:
Platforms: Apple Macintosh, Windows PC, Linux;
Software: Mac OS, Linux Applications, Windows, MS Office, OpenOffice; FOSS
Networking: Basic knowledge in LAN, WAN, Intranet, Extranets, Social Media

Multimedia & Webdesign:
Macromedia Director (basic knowledge), Macromedia Flash,
HTML, DHTML, XML, Java (basics), Javascript

Content Management:
PHP, MySQL, ZOPE. Using Joomla for websites and Wordpress for blogs.

Other Occupations

Co-founder of Third World Journalist's Network in Germany (DWJN) 1989
Off-the-job training of Journalist in Co-operation with Inter Press Service (IPS), European Office Bonn, and InWEnt / International Institute for Journalism, Berlin (IIJ, now GIZ)

Consulting & Project Management
Former registered Consultant of the Information for Development Programme (InfoDev), The World Bank.
Evaluation of ASED (Asia-Europe Dialogue on alternative political strategies, a project of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, a German political institution located in Berlin and closely affiliated with the Green Party of Germany.
Several consulting jobs for German NGOs

Internet Coaching
Inhouse Coaching of Governmental & Nongovernmental Institutions: German Ministry for Development Co-operation (BMZ), UNICEF Germany, German Agro Action, VENRO, et al.

Adult Education
Coaching of Internet Newcomers and Webmasters from Development Institutions & NGO's (at AZK, Königswinter, Germany)
Topics: Internet Basic Services, Search Strategies, Webdesign, Online-Promotion.

Member of ver.di / dju - Journalist's Union of Germany;
Member of the Third World Journalist's Network in Germany (DWJN)
Member of the Society for International Development (SID), Berlin chapter
Member of "Reporters sans frontiéres" (RSF)
Member of "Weltlädeli Murg" (a fair trade shop in Baden/Germany)
Member of "Café Verkehrt", an independent cabaret in Baden/Germany)
Member of SG Heudorf/Honstetten, a famous football/soccer club in Baden/Germany

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