Flagge ?thipiens. Quelle: CIA World FactbookAddis Abeba (epo). - In der äthiopischen Hauptstadt Addis Abeba sind am zweiten Tag in Folge Sicherheitskräfte gewaltsam gegen protestierende Studenten vorgegangen. Mehrere Demonstanten wurden nach Agenturberichten verletzt, mindestens einer von ihnen schwer. Die Proteste richten sich gegen die Ergebnisse der Parlamentswahl vom 15. Mai, die nach Darstellung der Oppostition von der Regierungspartei EPRDF massiv gefälscht wurde.

Bereits am Montag hatten sich Studenten trotz eines Demonstrationsverbotes in zwei Universitäten der Hauptstadt versammelt und gegen Wahlmanipulationen protestiert. Dabei war eine Schülerin tödlich verletzt worden. Nach Angaben der Polizei wurden allein am Montag 520 Schüler und Studenten festgenommen.

Der folgende Augenzeugenbericht (in englischer Sprache) erreichte epo per E-Mail. Er stammt von einem 47jährigen Unternehmer und Familienvater, der aus verständlichen Gründen anonym bleiben möchte:

Local source account of post-election political events in Ethiopia as of 7 June 2005
University students became the first victim in Addis Ababa.

"The ruling party EPRDF has started attacking the Addis Ababa University students. The security forces of the government had entered into the university and arrested hundreds of students (the students were loaded in more than nine trucks). We do not know where they are taking the students and it is for sure that these helpless students will be tortured physically and psychologically somewhere in military camps outside Addis Ababa.

After the fake election, the ruling party started attacking those who were voted for the opposition parties and students are the first victims. The government well trained special security forces had entered in Addis and the city looks like under military dictatorship. Heavily armed security forces are everywhere in the city and the PM had ordered nobody to move around in groups or to demonstrate for one month. Yesterday a lot of youths were arrested around the city and one student was killed.

The situation is worsening after the election and they knew they lost the so called "fair and democratic election". The main reason for attacking the students is to prepare false accusation to arrest the leaders of the main opposition part leaders particularly the CUD. The Gov't owned media already announced that the students case was pre-planned by the CUD and will take the necessary measure on the leaders. So we will not be surprised that if they start arresting the CUD leaders.

To conclude, the country is under complete dictatorship of Meles Zenawi under the cover of EPRDF. If it continues like this the country will be in turmoil and will be disintegrated. I am afraid that civil war (ethnic war) will be everywhere in the country in near future. The ruling party knew that they lost the 3rd election and they want to rule the country by force for the coming five years by declaring that EPRDF won the election.

They are making a very, very grave mistake by cheating the people's vote and everybody knew to whom they vote. Our leaders are in the 13th century and the people are in 21st century and this is a big gap between us.

I will keep on updating you if we are alive. We are crying here and everybody is terrorized by the brutal action of the security forces. How could anybody on earth take merciless action on those who have nothing except pencils and exercise books. A lot of farmers in the country side are in continuous attack by armed militia men of the ruling party and they have nobody to stand for them. I don't know how to express the ruthless act of the dictators in this country and what is happening under the cover of democracy. We do not live for thousand years and we can not keep quite while our children are tortured and put in jail by self-centered, greedy and racist leaders.

Thanks for your patience."

[Die CUD ist die Coaliton for Unity and Democracy - Koalition für Einheit und Demokratie, Anm. d. Red.] 

?thiopien. Quelle: CIA World Factbook

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